We like to have fun at Rally. These are the rules for a game we play at the office.

Ball on Chair is a game in which players try to get Ball on Chair. The game is played in a series of rounds with players advancing if they get Ball on Chair. The only player to get Ball on Chair in a single round, is the winner.

Court Setup

1. Ball

  1. Ball must be soft.
  2. Ball should be red.
  3. As regular play of Ball on Chair occurs, it is important to select the official Ball. This helps players to consistently anticipate the action in how Ball interacts with Chair.

2. Chair

  1. Any chair will do, but chair must be stationary and able to have Ball rest on it. A good test for this is to attempt to toss Ball from a very close distance to prove that Chair is viable.
  2. The height of the cushion of Chair must be between 18 to 30 inches.
  3. Chair should be placed with plenty of space and easy access for catchers

3. Line Marker

  1. Place Line Marker 10 feet from Chair.
  2. Line Marker must remain stationary, cannot roll or be easily moved unintentionally.
  3. Line Marker must not be permanent.

Note: Line Marker is typically a disused ThinkPad docking station.

4. Boss

  1. Boss manages the player order.
  2. Boss manages the election process, system and requirements.
  3. Boss has the final say in any rules dispute found here or otherwise.


5. Round Setup

  1. When a new Round begins, Boss declares that the Round is open and players may elect to participate.
  2. As players elect to play Ball on Chair, they enter the player order lineup in the order they elected. This sets the order in which Players try to get Ball on Chair.
  3. Players may elect one turn per Round. Turns carry over from Round to Round, so Players could have multiple turns in a Round.
  4. A newly elected player turn is always placed at the end of the lineup.

Take care to adhere to Rule 8.3 during setup.

6. Throwing

  1. The player attempting a Ball on Chair must keep both feet behind the tailing edge of the marker at the point of release.
  2. The player may throw Ball in any manner or style of their choosing.
  3. After release, Ball must not touch anything other than Chair until it touches Chair. If it does, the turn is disqualified for the round.
  4. If Ball is on Chair and rests there for a 5 second count off, that player’s turn is advanced.
  5. No Player may throw Ball two consecutive times, whether in an actual Round or during Round Setup. This rule is waived during Advancing Rounds.

7. Advancing

  1. If a Player gets Ball on Chair during one of their turns in a Round, that Round is now advancing.
  2. Any Player that successfully gets Ball on Chair in a turn in an advancing Round advances that turn to the next round.
  3. If 2 Rounds complete without advancing, the Line Marker is moved one foot closer to Chair. The interpretation of “one foot” is the responsibility of Boss.

8. Resolution

  1. When all Players have finished taking their turn in an advancing Round, it moves to resolution.
  2. In resolution, if only one Player has an advancing turn, that Player wins.
  3. In resolution, if more than one Player has an advancing turn, those Players start a new Round with their turn order intact.
  4. In resolution, if all participating Players have an advancing turn, the Line Marker is moved one foot further from Chair and those Players start a new Round with their turn order intact.

9. Timely Attendance and Etiquette

  1. When it’s a Player’s turn, they have 15 seconds to obtain Ball and approach the marker line.
  2. Everyone in the vicinity of the game should give a best effort to inform the Player and get them Ball as quickly as possible.
  3. Failing to approach the Line Marker with Ball in the time allowed disqualifies the turn and gives the Player a strike
  4. If a Player accumulates 2 strikes, all of their turns are taken out of the lineup for the rest of the game.
  5. There should be at least one person standing behind Chair that can return Ball after a player’s attempt.
  6. Distractions of any kind are strictly forbidden.